Sabotage in the Workplace Is an Inside Job Bob, Cary and Rob explain why it is so important for HR professionals to be able to identify, deal with and prevent sabotage in the workplace.

Barron’s Book Review

Damage Control - Saving business from itself (Reviewed by Joe Queenan); This how-to, by three management consultants, works from a delightful premise. Unlike those goofy Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun or What Bond Traders Can Learn From Jack the Ripper–type books, Simple Sabotage is a how-not-to. It outlines eight disruptive tact ...[READ MORE]

Barry Moltz

Detect Sabotage, Do Well & Do Good, 21 Days to a Big Idea and the Pop-Up Retail Store Trend Listen to Bob answer various questions about why employees sabotage their businesses and how owners can remedy employee sabotage.

Great Leadership

Are You Using Those Fun New Technologies to Monitor, Mentor or "Motivate" Your Employees? Prepare for Sabotage Rob Galford briefly discusses a set of admonitions and how to avoid some of the pain that might otherwise ensue.


This Week's Best Business Books Explain How to Fight Corporate Sabotage Bob Morris provides a brief overview of how sabotage can cause challenges within an organization and features Simple Sabotage as one of the week's best business books.

Skip Prichard Leadership Insights

Detect and Root Out Behavior That Undermines Your Workplace Bob takes a closer look at a few of the sabotage techniques, including Sabotage by Obedience and Sabotage by CC: Everyone, in this interview from Skip Prichard Leadership Insights.

Talent Management

4 Reasons Your Employees Aren't Getting Enough Done Bob, Cary & Rob breakdown 4 common behaviors that make it very difficult for people to be productive.


Something Bothering You? Don't Just Let it Go Jesse Sostrin references Simple Sabotage to show what can happen if you do not master the art of following contradiction.


Eight Behaviors That Sabotage Your Workplace Rodger Dean Duncan interviews Robert Galford on the “Eight Behaviors That Sabotage Your Workplace.”

CFA Institute

The Enemy Within: An Old War Manual Reveals How Behaviors Sabotage Modern Firms Nathan Jaye discusses some of the sabotage techniques and their effects in an interview with Cary Greene.

HR Magazine

Don't Let Sabotage Take a Toll on Your Workplace Desda Moss interviews Bob, Cary & Rob regarding the most common forms of sabotage.

Leadership Freak

How to Eliminate Stupid Rules Listen to Bob explain the 3 reasons smart leaders do stupid things.

33 Voices Cary Greene

How to Root Out Behaviors that Undermine Your Work Listen to Cary talk about counter-sabotage measures to help detect and reduce the impact of sabotage tactics.

The Daily Beast

Who Moved Your Cheese? Blame the OSS Bob, Cary & Rob describe three common sabotage tactics and some thoughts on how to shut them down.


8 Ways Organizations Are Sabotaged by Really Nice People Peter Economy reviews the 8 types of simple sabotage that could be happening in your organization.

Change This

Organizational Sabotage: How to Spot It, and How to Stop It Bob, Cary & Rob look at three forms of sabotage that the OSS didn't think of in their original manual.

Zane Safrit

Simple Sabotage: A (More) Proper Review Zane Safrit describes why Simple Sabotage stands out from other business books in this in-depth review.

Fast Company

15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity Stephanie Vozza uses Simple Sabotage to help describe how to "Meet Smarter" in one of Fast Company's Top 10 Leadershi ...[READ MORE]


Stopping Sabotage Stephanie Castellano provides an overview of the 8 forms of Sabotage in this review.

HR Morning

Those Boring Meetings? They're Also "Subtle and Devastating" Weapons Tim Gould describes how unproductive meetings can be turned into weapons by saboteurs in this review.