Testimonials & Reviews

“Success in business depends on getting things done. Simple Sabotage is a quick, insightful read about the things that can get in the way of this noble pursuit. A great read for managers in companies big or small.”
Darren Huston, President & CEO, The Priceline Group

Simple Sabotage is the succinct and elegant transformation of an historical document into an important message for current and future leaders. A quick and enjoyable read, it goes to the essence of organizational effectiveness, productivity, and success.”
The Honorable Barbara H. Franklin, Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce

“To be a great leader you must understand how seemingly innocent everyday behaviors can become ‘simple sabotage.’ This book will help you on your journey to being a more effective leader.”
Thomas J. Wilson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Allstate Corporation

“In the most clever way, Simple Sabotage calls out the behaviors that hurt organizations, and quickly cuts to the chase on what we can do about it. A great read!”
Christine C. Marcks, President, Prudential Retirement